Thursday, 28 January 2016

Youtube Anti-Feminism

I'm not a man, but I've seen a lot of men on the internet react violently to extreme waves of modern feminism. You've probably heard of TJ, the Amazing Atheist, or Sargon of Akkad, Thunderf00t and others of the same genre. What I mainly have to say about these men is that they are all individuals, reacting differently to the same thing. What we must understand is that they are reacting in a way that shows no restraint. One may be more emotional, one may be a bit more satirical and the other simply rational. They are the voices of groups of people, (who watch them and make them famous) and most of those fans are male, but some are female, who have problems with feminism, and especially extreme feminism that appears on social media.

Why not Feminism? On what I cannot fathom in this Ideology

I am a woman. I am a mother. I live in Canada, in Quebec, in a reasonably-sized city, but nothing near the hugeness of Montreal. Over the years, I've lived my life very normally. I wasn't really religious or anything, but I went into Religion in University and ended up doing a major. I am in an environment presently that challenges my views on God and religion very deeply. I have numerous friends who are atheists and who cannot understand religion or 'spirituality'. I have issues with these things myself, and recently, I've been having more and more issues on gender.

I'm not into Gender Studies, or anything of the likes, but I am bombarded every single day with hardcore feminist attitudes and to reciprocate these attitudes are male, (usually atheist) egalitarians who have no problem with normal feminism, but who have a difficult time understanding why women feminists are so extreme about 'feminist' issues.

To cut it short, I've made a list of things I cannot fathom concerning Feminism: