Thursday, 4 February 2016

Traditionalists and a bit of Jesus

This might come off as really mean, but think of this. All those gender-queer, trans-whatever people who don't want kids and won't have kids because they're going to have their sexual organs removed, their genes are going to die. Those who will have children will be what trans-queer-gender-different and feminists call "traditionalists". These "traditionalists" are men who like women who want children and a family, and women who like men who want children and a family. These people come together and share their lives, so that they can have moral support from the loyal, loving partners, as well as time-sharing, so that the most work can be done the most efficiently. Team work makes the dream work and trust me, it does. What pisses me off and numerous people around me about this is that it is almost shunned by women and 'free women' and feminists that I don't sleep with many people, or have a career. I have a baby son, and people would ask me as I am heavily pregnant if I was going to have an abortion. When I denied them, frowning, (because I'm way too pregnant for you to be asking me this and to be asked that when you are waiting for your baby miracle is like being asked someone when they're going to murder their own child. When?) they were shocked! You're 22! You're just starting your life and you want to have responsibility?

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Rape Statistics and Rape Culture

This is a very solid article that challenges the rape statistics in our culture.
I want to make things clear.

Monday, 1 February 2016


 Recently I watched the controversial video documentary 'White People'. It wasn't an attack on anyone, and it didn't really portray much of white people, but we did get to see how sensitive and active racism issues still are today. Near the end of the video, a white, young man was telling the filmmaker that he was hosting white privilege seminars. He claimed that they were healthy, and that it was important for men, white men, to know how they were privileged and what to do about it. I toyed mentally with the idea, but I felt like there was something intrinsically wrong with it. Indeed, I then watched another Lauren Southern video, this time about privilege.