Thursday, 17 March 2016

The "Friend-Zone" and the "Tease"

This is a very interesting issue, one that has gone numerous ways. I don't feel like I need to cite anything, but if you feel like I must, please comment that you want them and I will gladly get some articles for you. A lot of feminist recently are complaining about the men who have been friendzoned by them. I like scenarios, so I'll give/make a few:

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Christian Oppression, it's always been, and it's ignored

This is a problem for all genders, but mainly addressed toward women. Women are the caretakers in our society, let's face it. There are far more single-mothers than there are single fathers. Single fathers, however, being a mother myself, I can say I have the utmost respect for, of course single-mothers as well. But what I wanted to say is that I stumbled on a highly Christian mothering website the other day. The woman who blogged wrote some very intense and clearly emotionally-driven things. Her main point is that there is a lot of pressure toward her because she has children and wants children and loves to use her reproductive system because it's get her closer to God. This is not a question of my opinion about all of this is, it's about the ridiculous amount of comments underneath this that have basically horror stories of women who have been ridiculed by childless women for the fact that they have a lot of children; who are being told that they are 'patriarchal' in not using chemical contraception; and that their marriage won't last because of the 'stress of parenting'. They also get asked if they will have abortions while heavily pregnant or after telling someone casually, stating: I'm pregnant.