Saturday, 25 June 2016

Moral Objectivism: Keeping Things Right and Wrong

When morality is flexible, people start to decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong. If there is no authority on morality (such as a higher authority, like God, for example) then people themselves can decide what is good and what is not good. Religions follow God(s) that give them the life lessons and morality they need in order to live a happy and fulfilled life. But when morality is dictated by humans, by their experiences and their feelings, things can become chaotic. The embodiment of evil, Satan you could call it, wants chaos. He wants people to decide for themselves what is good and what is evil. If a pedophile thinks it feels 'right' to have sex with a youth, and the youth seems to like it as well, is it immoral? The child could be pampered and trained and think that its reality is fine and dandy, but is it? Who is to tell? Are the negative psychological backlash of the child the reason behind dictating if the acts/relationship is moral or immoral? If you would arrest the man and take him away from his young lover, and the youth would protest and weep for the loss of her loved one, could you make an exception to a rule? The answer is simple: We do not have any objective marker in the human being that enables us to claim any authority on morality. Society and other people tend to want to change morality for convenience sake, for pleasures' sake, for love's sake. While love is beautiful and important, it is also horrible and breaking: love, while love can be infinitely good and bountiful, it does not serve as a moral marker.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

White Genocide

"Demographics will dictate the values a society holds." --Black Pigeon Speaks 

Right now, we are facing mass terrorism in the middle-east, to the civilians of those countries by Islamist men. The women in Islam are oppressed, seriously; they have no say in the politics of Sharia and how radical Islam has become. That terror is rising to Europe. Germany and Sweden are main targets, the latter now devastated by a rise in rape/sexual assault by 100% from Muslim migrants (legal ones) onto young Swedish women. Their governments are silent. They do not use military action against the migrants, they do not make laws to protect them from acting out furthermore. They are insane by anarchic notions of freedom and cultural relativity. All of this is propagated by the fear of words, or Political Correctness, which is the main talking point on the agenda of Cultural Marxism. Political Correctness (see list here) is one of the foundational stones of Cultural Marxism. Not only is Political Correctness encouraged, it is enforced. Any word that people employ that does not conform to this new secular Religion is automatically corrected by the CM Gestapo, which are now called Social Justice Warriors or (SJW's) for short. Their title is a misnomer, these people are the intolerant, bigoted (and they love using that word against people) and incredibly self-righteous. They are also blind. Blind to other perspectives, blind to politics and economy. I've heard theories that they are the drones of the Illuminati, a group known for its feminism, secular humanism, and openness about sexuality. That's not even far-fetched for a conspiracy, it's a reality. 

Biased Liberal News Sources and Media

There has been a highly biased liberal agenda in the media. As an ex far-left advocate, I can spot where it is and what it's doing in order to change the way people thing instead of guide them in what they have. Liberals are 'progressive' and think that society is always wrong and they always want to change it. They think flip-flopping everything we have is a good way to get people's brains moving and get some new information out there. This, of course, in postmodernism. It assumes that there can be a billion different readings of life, and that the center of morality and knowledge and wisdom stems from the human. This is why we're seeing a lot more 'humanism' this and 'feminism' that. The push-back comes from pro-patriarchal women (who are mainly Christian) or egalitarians (which are also Christian or secular people). This is a list of all liberal newsources that I have found and agree that they are highly biased toward a far-left agenda. This means they are trying to brainwash the population. They are not encouraging freethought, but negating thoughts from happening.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Cultural Marxism and the Anti-Christian Movement

Cultural Marxism is a form of applied Marxism that is projected onto culture and society. It is broken down and all parts that are less valorized in society get labeled 'oppressed' while the parts that are valorized are labeled 'oppressor'. This is much like intersectional feminism, where different groups are targeted and then activated for/toward through the media, politics, and the general social atmosphere. However, certain people have thought that Cultural Marxism was a term used to demonize "feminists, homosexuals, secular humanists, multiculturalist, sex educators, environmentalist, immigrants, and black nationalists."

It is surprising to see how much of this agenda is anti-Christian, or, perhaps not surprising at all.
Let's break down the pieces:

Friday, 17 June 2016

Proud of Being Straight--Writing and Homosexuality in Teenhood

I'll admit it, I'm proud of being straight. This might come off as hate speech for some, but that's Cultural Marxism and we don't need that here. We don't need that ever. But I'm going to have one of those stories for you all. If you are a straight person and always were, that's great! If you were not always in understanding with your sexuality, we can perhaps both share in this text I shall write for you together.

I won't be sharing really negative things that have happened to me, but I will share an umbrella understanding that I've come to realize over the years.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Nuance and Why it's Important

The Bible is very nuanced, as are interpretations of them. It is what makes the Bible so important to humanity. Nuance is something that is dying, slowly and painfully, in our culture. There is this phrase among people who follow a lot of news. The media will often skew viewpoints and lean toward having a liberal or conservative political agenda. On social media, subjective emotions cause what some people call 'internet lynch mobs'. People are emotionally affected by one isolated event and go completely insane and things become more and more polarized. However, I still mainly blame the corporate media train.

Abortion: It's Murder

Let's face it. Abortion is murder. You don't need to believe in God to know that. However, I do think that abortions should still be performed and legal, and this is for many reasons. As much as we can all agree that abortion is murder, that it is immoral, abortion in our postmodern age, needs to be safe. Women who will be driven with selfish desires will not be convinced by Christians. We are hated. We are despised because of our pro-life choices. We are despised because we love the human being that is hated within the womb of that woman. A small life, so fragile, can now be terminated at 23 weeks, which is is proven that they can live at that age in an incubator.

Gender Roles. Why?

Women and men are different. We are beautiful the way we are. Tradition is important, and it is so for everyone. There are different roles men and women can have in a society. Not all women should be mothers and not all men should be fathers. Some people are born different and they might want to live another kind of lifestyle, hopefully one that is healthy and not sinful. Women who do not feel the inclination to have children might want to become full-time nurses or full-time educators and do charity work or helping sisters or female friends raise their children. They can also pursue scientific or academic careers as well, but I believe they might be lacking in their need for personal love and affection. Often these women will attempt to fill the gaping hole in their lives with dogs and cats, and although that is nice, it's not nearly as satisfying as having a child of their own. If they cannot make children, perhaps they could think of adoption.

Let's talk gender roles