Saturday, 30 July 2016

What is Race Superiority?

We won't all agree on the definition, but this is what I find important when a race claims to be better than another. Race, for this definition, will encompass culture as well.

1. A race cannot bring another race down to support its claim of superiority
 To use another race to boost your race is to prove weakness. A race that need the support of other races is not superior, but exploiting the strengths of one race in order to appear better. American whites have the same burden to blacks as German whites have to Jews. I know there probably aren't that many Jews living in Germany anymore, but the idea of reparations is cute and beautiful but it's not going to happen. We're not the society we were then. We're not the people that our ancestors were. But years have passed since the American chattel slavery, and society has shifted quite a bit since then. Black people now have complete equality, it's up to them to choose to live as a victim of the past or as an individual who has perfect agency and who will prove to the 'white man' that she can be as culturally savvy, controlled, intellectual and in love with the freedom she has in the West.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

NRx Misogyny Apology

I did some reconnaissance recently, and delved into some pretty good arguments against the Alt-Right. Apart from the anti-large-CEO image the technocrats give off, there was the obvious reoccuring theme of 'racism' but also 'sexism'. I was a bit puzzled, but then it became clear to me. Yes, the author of this article was a feminist (I'm reviewing the article now, it'll be up soon) a male feminist, to be precise, or perhaps he was just fond of loose girls he can easily have sex with. The guy seemed like he had done a bit of research, but focused far too much on the biography of certain big names, and it ended up being more tedious than interesting. Not much is interesting these days apart from the reactosphere, honestly. But back to the point... sexism.

The Importance of Social Stigma

We have numerous very healthy social stigmas that need to be upheld if we're to get any work done. We have to do them in a well-aware type of way in order to avoid normies to notice them. In doing them, however, we will help perpetuate a healthy social cohesion. This is my first WS post, so bear with me, I'm still working shitposting out. Let's dive and I'll try to be gender neutral.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Cross-Factoring Common Political Enemies

So recently I've been increasingly involved politically. I used to be a liberal, centrist, basically I had few opinions on things and I thought morality was relative. Then, I became an SJW and explored the extreme-left. I then re-centered, went to the right and then went to the extreme right. It is in my temperament to like extremes, that's a fact I cannot ignore or repress, but I am not ashamed. I just want the truth and the truth that lies in those extremes are interesting. On my way across the political spectrum, I realized that there are many groups who have common enemies. I will list my discoveries:

Common enemy: Jews
Groups: Neo-Nazis and Truthers
Truthers are hardcore conspiracy theories. I personally think they're right about a lot of it. Jews do own the main top banks and it seems like the Bible was right about the Jews being the people of the Lord, however, there is a conpiracy concerning this elite group that involves Satanic rituals. I honestly do not understand the logistics of of this, so I'll be humble and just leave it at that. Neo-Nazis, well, they dislike Jews... well... for being Jews, apart from there many criteria I shan't get into. The Jews, man, they've always been hated. Check out the pic of them being burned in 1348. Hitler's not even original. (By Luzerner Schilling)

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Horrible Advice for Men from Childish Women

I saw this terrible article today, I am so ashamed. It's from a random website but its regressiveness is astounding. It's regressive for society, for women, it's just gross. It's a list of 16 Phrases Women say Men Misunderstand. It should read: Vague Things Women say that they Expect men to Understand. I hear myself saying these things sometimes and I find it really detrimental to the communication I have with my husband. It's bad programming and it has to stop. Here's the list:

The link follows to page 6 because it is the worst of them all.
'“Do you need to do that now?” then your response should be simple: “No, you’re right, I don’t”'

Greenpeace Associates with BLM

I admit it, I donated to Greenpeace. I am very ecological, and I care about our home planet and do think we have to take care of it. We are in God's Kingdom, and we can make Eden return (not perfectly, but very nicely). But then I saw this:

SJWism is a Cult: In-Detail Study

So this is something that's been brewing for a while. It's difficult to pin-point a cult, but I've studied religion and I think I've come to understand its workings. Cults have certain key elements to them that I've observed also lie in the SJW/Feminism cult. 

Cult factor one: Social exclusion for the inclusion of the cult.
Many cults, the unfortunately 'Christian' cult of the Jehovah's Witnesses for example, encourage family members to separate if they are no longer religious in the JW way.
SJW's use the famous 'white guilt' argument in order to rally white people in their cause. They also use 'gender traitor' associations, and control people's thought with memes and poorly-constructed sociological ideologies. They're ideologues, and ideologues in practice are cultists. When you agree, however, with the SJW narrative, you disagree with the reactionary sphere which includes more rational but more uncomfortable truths and reasons. I've spoken about emotional manipulation, but it is their number one tactic to gain followers, and in the new member it can cause severe depression, loss of one's moral compass, agoraphobia, and social despair. They will only seek comfort in other SJW's, who, are all alike, all troubled and cannot actually help each other. They are trapped in a victimhood complex together, useless and downtrodden.

Cult factor two: "Sin" and "Self-Awareness"
In Christianity, which I consider a legit religion because it strives for greatness, beauty, Truth and goodness, there is a concept of 'sin' and of 'redemption'. Self-awareness is also very importance when you're a Christian because you must be meek, or humble. Humility, in the SJW cult, comes in the form of 'checking your privilege' which does not make you self-aware of true personal issues of pride, greed, lust, sloth, and other vices, but of internalized misogyny, privilege, oppression, or being an oppressor to another. This scheme is built in power; everything about SJW's is a power-play. They call men out for being intrinsically sexist and overly masculine as a 'critique of power' when really they claim a moral high-ground in their oppressiveness. When a fellow SJW cultist asks another to 'Check your Privilege' it is very similar to telling a child to be self-aware of their sinful ways. SJW end up doing it to themselves, but sadly for them, this is all in vain, for they are mentally masturbating in pure human construction, one very unpolished and new and I could add, false. It would be like stopping yourself from walking because you think you might be walking in a wrong way. I always said faith leads to or is equivalent to self-awareness, but there is no such thing as internalized misogyny or ingrained racism. It's cult-language.

Monday, 25 July 2016

SJW Emotional Manipulative Nonsense and Memes

So yesterday I had a quarrel with a Greek female SJW and a black woman, both I believe are Canadian. It was very intense and without the help of an open-minded conservative (female) by my side, I would have probably collapsed. They cornered me, blasted me and made me feel 'the white guilt' feeling, which they attempt to justify as me feeling empathy. Empathy doesn't feel like rotten disgusting waste, that's called gaslighting. When someone maximizes a situation in order for you to feel vulnerable, they break you and then they take you into their cult. It is emotionally-driven bullshit that makes the SJW. They have no sense of reason, they circlejerk on the same memes and I have decided to root out the conversation and expose them:

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Mandatory Diversity Class is Reeducation

So you might have heard of this. "Diversity classes" yes. It's pretty clear to those on the Alt-Right that this is a form of reeducation. People can't have had a good education from just living because they are one race and need to experience the turmoil that other races face in the same society. So, they need to have a mandatory class on diversity so that they can know exactly how they are oppressing minorities. Well, this will definitely end badly. 

1. Clearly this is targetting whites. This is claiming that the white identity is intrinsically lacking because of the lack of 'racial tensions' that we avoid for being white. It's saying that white people are privileged and therefore, they need oppression points that they will get by becoming activists, in set movements such as BLM. They're creating puzzle pieces for their global agenda and slotting them in right where they want them. The racism in this is astounding, but they've built a frame narrative of the prejudice+power = sexism/racism in order to fit that narrative. We are going toward a communist state and it's funny that it's the left that's scared of Trump's authoritarianism.

2. It's reeducation that's been going on for a decade. When I was in high school, our classes (in Canada) were minority-focused. We had sec. 1 to focus on Jews and the holocaust, we had sec. 3 to focus on blacks and the chattel slavery in America. Honestly, it was really boring and really gross. I kept on being grossed out and terrified by what happened that now when I read about it I just end up being grossed out and terrified. But mainly, I remember 14-year-old me thinking 'Why aren't we reading Shakespeare? Why do we have to talk about street gangs? A couple of whites in my classes even glorified gang culture and wasn't even called out for it. It was normal for him to say positive things about gang culture, despite the initiation stories, the rape and violence, the mentality, etc of said gangs. No, they were black--it was almost like we had to appreciate their culture despite its clear degeneration. "But that's not REAL black culture." Ok. Sure. I'll give you that, so then why were we (an all-white class) forced to eat up American slavery and black gang culture? (albeit in there was The Outsiders, which was a white thing, but still shitty, despite perhaps a bit tragic as well) It's because it's programming. It's this unnatural insertion into a perfectly good culture of guilt and racism and things that don't belong because we have mixed races and a broken social cohesion. Canada's great, but people ignore that Canada's great because people don't care about anything. We're also very few compared to the US. 35 million, which is almost the pop. size of California. There are 300 million in the US and growing exponentially due to illegals from Mexico. So, a small country with lots of land, and few pockets of Muslims, Blacks and others won't be very violent. It's not an excuse to continue to break its social cohesion by adding in multicultural studies that don't really help students grow--it just helps them feel sorry for black people, victimize them.

3. America is a melting pot anyway, or a mosaic at some places. Who cares about diversity when there is diversity around you? Clearly in the ultra-left, individualism and agency goes down the pipe. Women and minorities are victims and need coddling and need the majority and whites and men to bow down to them and let them take the lead for a while. Right. Well, ask any woman over 60 if they liked working alongside women, and they'll have the guts to tell you, no, women are catty and they emotionally manipulate you to feel horrible about yourself. 50 and under, they had second-wave feminism up in their ears. Women studies are useless. No one cares about what people with vaginas could do, it's about what PEOPLE can do. People who vote for a woman because she's a woman... please... baby Jesus... why?? Gender studies? Male and female. Be one or hate one, next. Multicultural/diversity... why? Some people are racist, others aren't. Sorry that you fuck up our social cohesion. (God, imagine that, if whites oppressed blacks with the argument of social cohesion how messed up that would be? It's totally the same thing right now, but we're white and we scoff it off because we're Vikings. I just imagined a huge manly Viking man picking up a cow with one arm and drinking from its teat as a little minority came running at him with a sign saying 'Diversity Now' and he just slaps him away laughing, his voice basically thunder.) Indigenous? But... didn't the animals who live there live on the land and then you took it from them? Regressive argument. Nothing there. Why are we forced into empathy classes when we should be building new culture, progressing technologically, and becoming greater people? If whites are to be prolific, be happy for them, they're paving the way for future generations. Most white people are not racist toward non-whites, it's just... the other. Sorry. Bias is normal. Prejudice can be adjusted, but we can't stop progress for adjustment. It needs to go on.

I want to start the hashtags. #oopsedinagulag for the conservatives out there, because it's cute and you can say it after you say something 'offensive'. And #gulaglife2017 because it's fun and true. Hope to see you all in the neo-gulags!           

Friday, 22 July 2016

The New Scoundrel

Is it sad that I think white supremacists are bad boys? Not all of them, but there is a niche of WS of gentlemanly, virtuous and brilliant men who show more love and care of women than feminists do. I don't want to get into contempt (and clearly the Alt-Right needs self-awareness concerning it) but once you do your homework, you realize that there is a lot of truth to what the Alt-Right is fighting for. But without getting into that, there is a lot of female appeal to the Alt-Right, and this gentlemanly type of man.

1. The Alt-Right is not afraid to say that which is difficult to be said by the average person. This breach of care, this forwardness alone is attractive.

Monday, 18 July 2016

The Social Justice Conclusion

"There is a difference between men raising issues and raising men's issues." 

Logically, when it comes down to social justice, the ones who need it more are men. MRA's are where it's at. There are very few shelters for battered men, battered men are shamed by other men, men have a difficult time to express their emotions and it leads to a horrendous suicide count. After having been part of the left and having watched many videos on Identity Politics and now finding ground in Christian Conservatism and the Alt-Right, I have concluded that feminism is not only useless but very dangerous, egalitarianism is the norm, and those we call Men's Rights Activists are the only ones doing actual work. Feminism, such as Femaleism (that cares about having babies and being a wife to a man, or sublimating one's spirit into God) is needed, but I'll get to that in another post.

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Sexual Liberation is Patriarchal

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.” --Margaret Sanger

Apart from the fact that sexual liberation is the activation of passions of the flesh, which is outright degenerate and undignified, it's also incredibly patriarchal. The West is not patriarchal because it is secular. There are men who govern laws, and the West has survived mainly because there were no abortions and people used to be religious. In a sense, there was a slight 'Patriarchy' because women need control in a civilization due to their nature to want to breed with the strongest player. At war, single women will jump onto the invader and breed, not on the men fighting for her.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

O'Canada--The Cuckland

Justine Trudeau, former substitute high school drama teacher, has decided to go full retard feminist and change the lyrics to 'O Canada' to be gender neutral. I say it was because insecure feminists were being triggered. I'm going to give three reasons why this is a bad idea.

1. Justin is a cuck and now Canada is a cuck. While the left boasts about how 'good' we look to the 'rest of the world', realistically, the rest of the world is either being controlled by the wealthy and the 0.01% or is an ultra-masculine Middle East that wants to rape Canada. Already that Justin Trudeau doesn't value his land and sells each log from our precious forests for 0.50$ each (disgusting!), he also doesn't care at all about his people because there was no democratic vote on the anthem change. I know a lot of people hated the change and that's disrespectful to your people. While Justine thinks he's doing the right thing, he keeps on saying things like 'It's the current year' and 'We're on the right side of history'. Cuck country of the West will also be harbouring Syrian refugees and I SWEAR as soon as they come here, I am carrying pepper spray and a switch blade around with me and will be encouraging girls to do so. I don't want to fearmonger, but after Germany and Sweden... you fucking touch my milky skin, and I'll shiv you. Anyway, *fluffs hair* it's a bad idea because it demeans the actual desires of the population and the change was undemocratic and ideological--while there should be a separation of church and state, feminism, as an ideology, should be considered a religion and therefore the change of the Canadian anthem is almost a religious change.

2. No one cares about the 'sons' in the song because we're white westerners and 50% of the population are women. We're pretty fucking safe, we're one of the  safest country in the world. Just because people have sexual insecurities and feel raped by their choices doesn't make 1 in 4 college women raped. We don't live in an oppressive patriarchy. The patriarchy of the feminist is a real bogeyman, it's not real. We are in a patriarchy, but the workings and understandings of that statement is too difficult and complex for the mind of the SJW. This is a pragmatic reason: no one cares or feels empowered in a patriarchal way--or feels oppressed by the lack of the female gender apart from feminists who want female supremacy (which leads to the end of a civilization). 

3. The hardliner, the motherload, here it is: sons are in command of a nation and should be. If women would rule nations, nations would fall. Mother Merkel is committing German suicide, and the migrants coming in her country and raping young girls are all reading Mein Kampf. Matriarchies have happened, but only at the end of Empires right before their total downfall. Theodora of Byzantium promoted the liberation of women and sexual empowerment (not in the same ways as feminists due today) and it was suitable for a dying Empire only. Well, we are in a dying Empire, unless Trump can do something about it. This reason is uncomfortable but true: women should not play a role in the building and the upkeeping of a nation. But should focus their energy on raising children, caring for the sick, the young and the elderly. I want men to rule. I don't even want to vote anymore--I'll end up voting conservative next election, fuck, I'd take Harper back!

Also, and this is a postscript reason but it sounds terrible. In all of us command? Who wrote it? It sounds awful and disturbing and stupid, and embarrassing.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Great Article Responding to Black Pigeon Speaks

I found this response on TradYouth to Black Pigeon Speaks' video on how women's role in politics negatively effect healthy civilization. It is about the powerful elite and it fine-tunes the video. Enjoy! BPS's video is also on the page.


"Were young women given complete sexual liberation but afforded a truthful and complete stock of the situation, they would make less degenerate choices. They’re repeatedly lied to about the situation. They’re led to believe that their fertility remains reliable well into their forties. They’re led to believe that they can ambitiously pursue a career and achieve a quality man and traditional family. Hollywood confirms that quality providers will gladly wait for them to finish riding the carousel. They’re led to believe that the contraceptives they’re eagerly offered are completely safe and don’t have grave effects on their hormone levels and future fertility."

Ban of Feminine Hygiene Tax--Poor Economic Liberal Choice

On July 1st, feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a very poor economic move to satisfy the shrill Banshees of third-wave feminism. I remember it being a topic on why we need feminism. Here are the approximate figures of this liberal choice.
The government will lose 140 400 000 $ to 280 800 000 $ a year over the ban on tampon tax. This is one-hundred and forty to two-hundred and eight million dollars in taxes. So, women, you were giving around 5 to 10$ a year to the government so you can have the luxury of polluting the world with tampons and pads made probably by children in factories, but nooooo I need that 5-10$ to indulge my fat acceptance craving.

This is a bit cucky of me to post this, but keep in mind that Canada has Quebec in it, which carries a huge load of burden and to strip away that tax means that Canada will fall even deeper into economic failure. I guess, in a way, this should valorize my sense of nationalism and perhaps we are to see a referendum to move out of Canada if the economy is still super bad. Honestly there are plenty of things we could do to help support our economy without Justin and I'd love to have Fran├žoise David as my Quebec PM. She fucking rules.

Freethought and Leftist Buzzphrases Mindcontrol

Abracadabra: "I say what I create"  --Ancient Magic.

Now, don't get me wrong here, I don't personally become offended by something someone tells me, but when something does happen, it gives me insight to the effects this culture and world, especially the secular/mainstream world, is having on their minds. I've noticed that a lot of leftists use certain words in order to control your thoughts or to shut down your thought process. A lot of leftists cannot think outside of themselves. Self-interest is one of the main priorities of the majority of the mainstream leftist thought. They're selfish children who think nationality is 'silly' and that it should be okay to mock Religious people openly, on social media and in public. These are a few things they tend to say:

YouTubers with Alt-Right Views

I wanted to give a shout-out to a few YouTubers who are Alt-Right. Some I watch more some less.

Millennial Woes
He's definitely Alt-Right, and he's brilliant and he has really thoughtful ideas on feminism, morality, civilization, and politics. He's Scottish and I love his accent.

Red Ice Radio
European descent Aryan duo, killer beauty these two, it hurts. Since they can speak Swedish they report on Swedish media that others cannot. They're insightful and have a lot of guest speakers.

Blonde in the Belly of the Beast
Spunky, beautiful, brilliant Blonde makes informative videos with an Alt-Right flair, denouncing feminism, liberal hypocrisy, and the Jewish banking system.

Alt-Right occultist informs us about Satanic conspiracy theories, the corruption of 'upper management', and his own personal journey into the occult, Satanism, and entheogens.

Black Pigeon Speaks
He doesn't consider himself Alt-Right, but he advocates for points that are Alt-Right His videos are nuanced and he dares to talk about things no one would dare bring up. His video on 'How Women Will Destroy Nations' is amazing and controversial and I recommend it as a woman.

Naked Ape
I like hearing his voice for some reason. He's cheeky, I know he's gay but I would say his view of gays in the media is that they are being used a tool to advance a Cultural Marxist agenda. He does a lot of videos on race and statistics, they are well-presented and I like his visuals.

Monday, 11 July 2016

The Role of Women in Nazi Germany

"Women were not expected to wear make-up or trousers. The dyeing of hair was not allowed nor were perms. Only flat shoes were expected to be worn. Women were discouraged from slimming as this was considered bad for child birth. Women were encouraged to have a well built figure as slim women, so it was taught, would have problems in pregnancy…….Women were also discouraged from smoking – not because it was linked to problems with pregnancies – but because it was considered non-German to do so." 

C N Trueman "The Role of Women in Nazi Germany" The History Learning Site, 9 Mar 2015. 7 Jul 2016.

Neutral Bias

One cannot be neutral. In video games, when you choose a neutral character, you either play a 'true neutral' which archetypically is basically Sweden (not the rapey-muslim version of it, the political version) who stands out of harsh dichotomizing conflict, or who remains unaffiliated, or a chaotic neutral character, who is basically a madman. I good example of a character who is chaotic neutral and still somewhat balanced would be Geralt of Rivia. He is a good man, he protects women and children, cares about justice, but he's also the Butcher of Blaviken, infamous for the time  he slaughtered an entire village after not being paid for a contract. Geralt can make decisions to save or to kill. He is neutral, but neutrality is chaotic.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Drones of the Illuminati

Recently, I've been talking to some friends of mine who really believe that the New World Order is going to happen. I think that the fact that I've been just critically looking at how different social events cause people to think and finding certain disturbing trends like: depopulation (by abortion, mainly) and contraception, and the EU trying to build up into a super-power, America's inside jobs, I'm starting to think this too.

It didn't take me long to start theorizing that feminism was some sort of plot. It is a plot that is aimed very strategically, right in the bull's eye of the woman's spirit, the fragility of the mind and feelings of the young adults (Gen Y) and it works through academia, academic tongue and clear mind-control. I was a victim of it, I know what it is. And I've often hear it confirmed and ring again and again in my mind the word 'Consuming' concerning rape stories and toxic masculinity. I never believed it completely because I swear God helped me keep me sane. So, was feminism just a way for companies to make more money? It was so easy for corporations to get people to start talking about them, they just had to make a sexist ad! I think corporations added their amount of lighter fuel to the fire, but then I realized that it goes further.

The Illuminati, in its beginnings, were notorious for being godless, unconventional, feminists and humanists. They worshiped the creature, and the Earth, and yet were exclusive and prideful and greedy. They ultimately sound like high-power, wealthy Social Justice Warriors. I'm not the one to come up with the idea that SJW's are drones of the Illuminati, I read it in a comment once, but it really made me think. SJW's are despised by people who actually can think for themselves. You have to be one of them or be against them. It's ridiculous. They want more government, but they're rebellious as hell. Who does that? Weak, mind-controlled, high emotion, perverse, godless humans. It's sad and it's true. I used to think I was jealous of my female friend who's polyamorous and who has loads of casual sex and that's why I felt strong negative emotions (Envy) sort of. But then a friend of mine and I discussed how God gives us a stronger moral compass when we accept his grace and everything made sense. Even when I told myself, okay, I'm going to be open-minded, not hateful. I want to be happy for her, etc, I would still feel like puking at the thought of her. She came over to my place once and ragged on about how she wanted her roommate out of their apartment because she was sick of her and she wanted another roommate. I asked her: is she mean? Are you in conflict? And she said: No, I just don't like her anymore. Fucking bitch. Prideful, lusty, atheist pervert and hardcore feminist. She called me a rape-enabler when I said that girls who use Tinder should be careful because it's an easy way for rapists and perverts to get to you. Okay, I'm getting emotional, but she betrayed me. She doesn't love anyone but herself and her fucking genitals. Vile.

*Breathes deeply and accepts Jesus's gift of strength and willpower* All right!

I think that they are a kind of Gestapo, the SJW's. They want to restrict free speech. I mean, what the fuck is hate speech anyway? Hate speech in my opinion is spreading falsehood about someone else (like slander) for example. Like saying about a gay person: that fudge-packer raped 3 little boys and he just said he liked it! Not: that cis white male just said he likes see a woman in the kitchen, that's sexist! Still, it's just words. If you have values and convictions, you'll be fine. I've listed way to help you fight SJW's here.

Women Power is Not In Feminism--It's in Conservatism

There is a minority of activist women in America who identify as Christian (seriously) and/or Conservative. They want to reclaim the word 'feminist'. Personally, on a side-note, I would like to coin the word Femalist, those who care about the female sex, about reproduction, female beauty, humility and sacrifice. These feminists call third-wave mainstream feminists 'fauxminists' as they devaluing the true nature of women. Now I'm not going to make an argument from nature, because that's an endless cycle of bullshit. I'm going to make the argument from God. Woman arose from the earth. Female. She who bears fruit in her womb.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Food for Thought

If America (Canado-American culture) is so corrupt... why do people want to immigrate here? We're a rape culture. We are patriarchal and non-equal. We are sexually repressed and way too traditional. Wow, it sounds like a great fucking place for Muslims, does it?

Monday, 4 July 2016

Don't Submit; Be Free

Freedom is in your mind. It is the only place where you can be free. Every Religion should not be restricting you from thinking whatever you wish to think. Freedom to decide on things is a right, and having that right stripped from you should make you pretty mad. I cannot stand when I hear words like 'privilege' and 'oppressed', it makes me feel disgusting. I hate being told that men hate me because I'm a woman, that I'm a target for discrimination. I don't believe it, because I don't see it. I am surrounded by wonderful men who treat me with respect and dignity. I refuse to submit to this abhorrent language SJW's use to bring white, able-bodied, smart people down. Do not, ever, submit to someone telling you you should hate yourself for being white. We must use certain tactics against them. I have a few examples.

Shame them: Shame is something SJW's are trying to remove. They don't want to be shamed for being ridiculous weirdos. But we must do it. Chuckle, repeat what they say as if you don't believe them, make them feel insecure in their ridiculous Orwellian brainwash talk. Shame is an important societal tool. It helps those who have gone off the path of greatness to get back on it.

Indigenous People and 'Their' Land

This is going to be quick. I believe in evolution. This makes us great apes, hominids. Other apes and mammals are far family, we are all life and we all have DNA. I respect creationists and creation theories as well, but my argument will work with the former theory. When people speak of 'native' land it is the land in which you are born. Yes, anchor babies are native to where they were born. So, when someone says: my land, it usually means the place they were born. That place, if they are proud of it for numerous reasons, say it is a nice place, a democratic place of equality and opportunity, is their nation. The earth you stand on belongs to not only other people than you and your family but other animals as well. Animals that we are breeding, killing, farming and exterminating due to our excessive and luxurious civilizations. I want to make clear that 'indigenous' people, just because they had rituals and dances and fires in one part of the Earth, do not have a hold on the land on which other people are born. Europe expanded. They had a more formative culture--they had more tech, they took over because they could. It's only natural. As soon as they had babies, those babies were native to that land. Yes, the land was taken by force, yes there were terrible wars and tragic diseases that infected the indigenous peoples, but like anchor babies, Europeans came in and embraced their Destiny and made the land their own.

There is no substance in the 'indigenous people own the land' argument. 
 Actually, there were animals there before you. I know you lived alongside them and shared, but you're an animal too, and you profited of the land. Other hominids moved to where you were and profited of the land. Were they excessive and violent, dirty and sinful? Yes! I think it is unfortunate that there was a clash of cultures, but when it comes to 'I own this land because I was here first' argument, there were other animals that lived there before you and before them and before them. Just because you can think and rationalize doesn't make that land more yours than anyone else who was born there can claim.

We all share the West. Blacks, whites, yellows, reds. The West is for everyone. We all share the land. The land is not sacred to one tribe, but to all of us. We are harming it and it is wrong. We should respect life, respect animals, respect the land, and that's a value that has been lost due to our greed which blinds us. I would like to stress, however, that multiculturalism does not function organically, and that's for another post. Some cultures are stronger than others, some cultures are more corrupt than others, some cultures are weaker, uninteresting, lost and dead. Diversity is not strength. Strength is in unity. Unity is in kinship. Kinship is in trust. Trust is in love.