Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Witch: The Bacchic Power of Woman

I realize recently that I've been almost more misogynistic than... everyone recently especially coming from a woman. But I digress. I am as flawed and imperfect as all other women and as much as men are flawed and imperfect. As much as I believe that I've always had a masculinized view of my life as a woman and a criticism of 'femininity' as set by certain societal standards, I do wish to speak about female power.

Women have the power of insanity. Insanity, as I've written in my Magnum Opus (The Alpha Female of Wicker) is protection. In my novel, which is a personal cathartic creation, I follow a seemingly functional schizophrenic shapeshifter female who is highly misogynistic. She transfigures herself into her dead fraternal twin sister in order to revel in past incestuous behaviours they had shared, and ultimately becomes jealous when as her sister she flirts with the man she is in love with. He, along with another man, both desire to contain and tame this uncontrollable power that she holds. The protagonist has a son with her male-transfigured late sister that she ends up devouring at the end of the novel in order to end her incestuous bloodline and start to live her life as a contained pregnant and barefoot housewife that nonetheless requires two men to be able to control her. It explores the fetish of polyamory but also the requirement of force and domination to be able to contain the excessive and chaotic power that wells out of femininity.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Inbred Muslims

Reading up on cousin marriage I came upon the muslim tradition of cousin marriages. Cousins should not marry and breed. Why? Scientifically, inbreeding is terrible for genetic diversity. It blooms recessive alleles that, if paired with another who has been fecunded through incest, might carry. Together they can transmit to their child an autosomal recessive disease, which are numerous. I've found a list, and I chuckle that it comes from a Texan website.

Knowing that Muslims are traditional, they're will continue these gross illogical traditions no matter where they are in the world. It's abuse to your own soul to marry into your family. I used to be an SJW and I used to think even if a brother and sister were in love, it didn't matter as long as they don't have kids, but are you really going to let your brother fuck you without protection? How is that not total fetish? Now I know it's morally wrong to waste yourself to lust and to spoil your soul as such. Nonetheless, I know white people have their own history of incest, and I'm not proud of it, but at least we don't have a tradition in Christianity that promotes it. The cousin tradition in Islam is a majority 'elite' thing, which echoes our Royalty (although we didn't know about how bad inbreeding would make our child) Now we know and I think we tend to avoid marrying first-cousins in Royalty. I mean, recently the Dukes and Princes have been marrying lay-women!

Then there are articles that minimize inbreeding. Not as bad as you think??? Disgusting!
I mean, I'm not Aryan or anything, but at least my parents aren't at all related and I think if we want to have a society that makes any sort of sense we should NOT be breeding with (anyone outside our race, really) but especially not anyone that comes from a tradition of inbreeding!

I'm pretty disgusted concerning this map, even! It's legal to marry your first cousin almost everywhere in the world. Puke. I don't know, if I had to choose in between marrying a man in my country who wasn't my race or moving away to another nation, Jesus I would marry any normal-looking, healthy white man. You're normal, you're kind, you're hard-working and healthy? Now. Babies. Go. Never a cousin. Never a relative. Never a... non-milk-drinker.

We cannot let America or Canada accept anymore Muslims. We cannot let our beautiful Western Civ. fall to the mercy of Islamic domination. We cannot cease to marginalize with the best of our efforts those who stand in our way, despite the consequences it might have. This is not about us, it is about our children and their future for a safer world. 

Sigh... to end off, I'd like to present to you Charles II of Spain, massively inbred, physically and mentally disabled. This painting of him is probably what he wishes he looks like in his wildest dreams.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Passing the Baton to the "Oppressed"

I know this is over-dealt with but I can never keep in the thought: what have men not done that women could do? Why do we need to 'let women try to rule the world'? Saying that means that people believe women to be superior to men that men have not done what needs to be done, that men have been lacking, that they've missed something. This is very difficult to believe. I doubt women will bring anything new to the table--if things go well for women in power, the best thing that could happen would be that women will keep the status quo that men have fought and died to obtain and conserve.

What about black women? I watched this video and it made me think about what it would be like to pass the baton not only to women but to black women. I've read a lot on how black women act and why they act in a clownish fashion, videos by black men who claim that black women compensate for their lack of beauty and popularity with acting in order to get people's attention. Black women will do anything to stand out, be seen as different and unique hence the attitude and bizarre over-the-top emotions and reactions. Leslie Jones was the epitome of this stereotype in the movie Ghostbusters. Nero called the act racist to the level of minstrels (black face) and I have to agree. Black women appropriate this because it is a very real stereotype, archetype even at this point. What I find ridiculous is what white male announcer (virtue-signalling cuck) says to her:

 "A lot of people starting attacking you on Twitter using some pretty awful terminology and I was very proud of you, knowing you, you'd stand up for yourself when that happened, and then you used Twitter as a form (forum?) to draw attention to it and uhh um... maybe this is going to be the beginning of some progress towards what happens on Twitter." 

First of all... he's barely literate. Is he trying to lower himself to her level? At one point refers to her indirectly by saying "people like you". Way to other blacks in the left by cloaking yourself in virtue. The beginning of progress? No, it's the continuation of the coddling. It's the rise of censorship, of a big government and a police state. But we know all this. This is clearly a bad interview and the whole Leslie Jones issue is stupid. It's just interesting to see what kinds of things would likely happen if black women were in power. White men would cuck themselves into attempting to to just to minorities who, if ever they grab a hold of the train that runs society, would crash it on purpose and then claim justice, freedom and hope.  

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Jill Stein and Liberal Media Hypocrisy

Liberal media loves to hate Donald Trump. But why not love Jill Stein instead? Why did it take me up until now to even know that she existed? Yeah, it's my bad, I get it, and yeah she's a Jew and clearly desiring of government control, but hell, she's a better candidate than Hillary Clinton! She's a woman, she's an eco-feminist, and despite all the virtue-signalling from the left, not one mention, not one word about Jill Stein. Look how cute she is! I've researched that she's basically a female Bernie who wants to reduce the military budget by 50% and make the US fully green-sufficient by 2030.

I'm not saying we should put her in office, no, she'll ruin America, but why aren't all the feminists over her? I mean, she is being systemically oppressed by the media and by liberal outlets who waste their time bitching about Trump rumours. I understand that the Green party is almost useless and almost just a diversion from important things but... I'm disappointed by all the liberal outlets who didn't mainstream even her existence.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Goyim Goddess Taken Down

I had subbed to a pretty good Alt-Right channel (Goyim Goddess) that Red Ice had on their channel as a channel to check out. She was clever and opinionated, always learning more and churning out quite a bit of material and then, I check her channel and it was taken down.

Multiple or severe violations of hate speech. Why? Because she mentioned 'The Jews' in a conspiratorial way. Seriously, it wasn't even that bad, it was normal grunty Alt-Right shit like 'they're after us' the usual run-down. To 99% of people, this would pass over their heads as crazy holocaust deniers and paranoiacs, but then why did YouTube take it down? Because it was mean? Boo fucking hoo. Censorship will definitely take down the ones who rebel against it the most. I just hope she can recover her material and open up another channel.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Total Marxist Course List for Intro to Political Theory

So I love politics, and I wished to take a political theory course so I signed up for one. I checked out my course list excitedly to see the required materials to read. I was shocked.

These are the required readings:

John Stuart Mill, Burke, Rousseau, and Marx himself. I dropped it faster than lightning. I thought I was going into a class that had a reduction of bias, not a clear delineated leftist Marxist bias! Subjection of women? Please! Women have done what women needed to do as much as men have done what men needed to do for centuries. Yes there was a time where men thought women could not and were not able to be as great as a man, that time has passed, but does that mean we should 'let women have a turn as everything men have been'? No. Why? Because men are not the primary child-carers in this world, it is women, and that is something sacred, as much as it is sacred for many men to provide monetarily for their family and be dominant in strength and influence onto his household. A fair, patriarchal father will raise stoic, clever and destructively pristine daughters and emotionally control his wife so she does not embarrass herself during PMS rampages, and/or kill their newborn because she's frustrated over the top.

Inequality has a bad rep on the left like feminism does on the right. Why? Because inequality is good and natural. People just don't like the sound of it. But everything is inequal and the most powerful thing we can do about it is treat others with respect and integrity. I'm a Christian (although my faith in punishment and God is dwindling recently due to logic prominence) but I am a follower of Jesus, who claimed that all persons were equal in the eyes of God, and if you're secular or an atheist, God can mean the Universe. And it's true. Women are better at certain things than men are. My husband is an egalitarian and when my son was born, he had a difficult time to find him cute and to handle him and feel secure in the way that he would take care of him. He did his best but it did not come naturally, unlike me. My son was born and he was very cute for a newborn, but I found him gorgeous despite his newbornness and I slaved away happily to him, because that's what women have always done. I also don't like physical games as much as my husband, and this, once more, is natural and evolutionary. I comfort better. My husband rough and toughs better.

Do I believe that women CAN do everything a man can? Yes. Do I believe that women should not be oppressed in any circumstance by men? Yes. Do I believe that we should break traditional gender roles and family models in order to liberate the woman sexually and socially from the role of mother and child-carer, home-maker (proved to be the most fulfilling job for women), and role model? NO! That's what make me anti-feminist, but I still hold the majority of the feminist ideologies, not because of feminism, but because of Jesus. Early Christianity had powerful women who ran churches and they spread a message of gender EQUITY, which is what it should be.

Anyway, fuck my University. I'm still going to write that bitching Honours on SJW's though and I'm going to blow my professor out of the park. I won't convert (((him))) to the Alt-Right, but I might temporarily embarrass him for being so biased.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Karma: YouTube Demonitization Hurts SJW's

SJW's are degenerates, we've known that for a while now and degeneracy gets its just desserts and comeuppance. I remember when the classical liberals and conservatives warned the extreme-left which had come mainstream (all of this is planned by upper management and Soros, I believe) that if they would continue to demand censorship, that they would ALL lose. Indeed, they have. As I have said in an earlier post, in a politically correct culture, women lose.

YouTube has a new terms of service concerning the content that will be monetized. Here is the list.

"Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown."

YouTubers have been complaining that they are being 'shut down' or 'censored'. In reality, they are not. Their videos can still exist and be put online, but the advertisers are now unwilling to pay anyone who has an opinion that does not share theirs, or that talk about distressing issues. Now YouTube is being feminized, great. Thanks, Anita.

The greatest part of all this is that SJW's, who talk about rape and sexual abuse, patriarchy, dominance, power dynamics, gender roles, transsexuality, homosexuality, pornography sex, and other disturbing and gross things relative to the female body and orgasms, are now demonitized due to talking about disturbing content. Karma. They wanted to be word terrorists, they wanted censorship, well, here it is! I hope you like it. Served on a silver platter for the misses. 

Suck it up. Man up. Wake up

Monday, 5 September 2016

Social Monopolies

Feminism does not have a monopoly on equality. Equality is often defined as 'the equal opportunity for a woman to make the same choices and decisions as a man'. Often Marxists will attempt to easily convert people to feminism by using the phrase 'who believes that a woman should have the equal opportunities?' Clearly if you don't raise your hand under that sort of pressure, (even if you could explain your reasoning) you will be socially ostracized.

Social ostracism is not a big deal for men, but for women, it is. I hate confrontation, I think it's a man's thing, but I will take my place if it is needed. I say it's not a big deal for men because men thrive in the public sphere, often do not bend to emotional mindgames as easily, remain stable while defending their arguments and gain friends and babes from being outgoing and sometimes fringey. Women don't do as well. A right-wing woman in a Marxist college will be looked at contemptuously by leftist men and women, and since the right-wing men are in a minority, she's left on her own, which is a difficult weight to bear.

With PC culture, women lose. 

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Trudeau and Iceland


"Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world" says Trudeau who then added that it was an ideal place for one to raise his children.

So, it's satire, but a lot of people took it very seriously. Was it created in order to stir discussion about white identity and white supremacy? If it did, well, let's stir the stew and throw some posts why don't we?

96% of the population of Iceland is pure, milk-drinker white. You wonder why there is so much peace? Is it the secular government? The egalitarian society (with authoritarian males, of course)? The hygge? The Norse blood? The fair and just legal system?

Iceland isn't perfect, what with allowing a lesbian to be their Prime Minister and gay marriage, but let's be honestly, it is a paradise compared to Canada and the US. And you might think gay marriage is fine, Iceland is after all, founded on a Christian basis that has been secularized. It is probably better to let homosexuals be happy than have them constantly in rebellion, pushing back against normalcy. I do think that when homosexuality is more tolerated it has less a chance to be fetishized, but I remain against gay marriage. I mean, why? These days, although it still bothers me, I've come to accept romantic relationships between same-sex partners, intimate relationships. Daniel Tammet has a male partner that he has claimed is more like a soft lover (although they are married) than someone to satisfy his lust on. We can argue about Greek ideals of beauty and male love another day, but I think that homosexuality should be about soft love if ever homosociality is just not enough.