Friday, 21 October 2016

Sociopathic Tendencies

Recently I've been dealing with paranoia concerning the way I analyze people and gauge a response. I'm not a sociopath but my moral compass has been poisoned by the influence of evil when I was an SJW, so I know what what it's like to be morally lost and lost in the certainty of an ideology. As a cute, female child I was a pathological liar and got away with absolutely everything. I stopped being like this because of the countless amount of times it came back to me sooner or later in some way. Still, my novels are full of romanticized sociopaths and psychopaths, because I feel attuned to a chaotic neutral alignment. Now I know that it really does describe madmen, and I find that it's part of being an artist, but it's no way to function in society.

My sociopath tendencies are my obsession why the 'why' people are a certain way. I tend to desire to analyze how people think and to plan responses in advance in order to please them in a controlled, tested kind of way. I do this sometimes without thinking, sometimes in a very calculated way. As a woman, this is my 'forté' but in a horrid way, clearly. While the dark power of men resides in their bodies, the dark power of women emerges from the pool of chaotic energy that has a talent at recognizing people's face, the emotional aura of situations and to act accordingly. A woman can make you feel horrible about yourself, your life, and your relationship with her in seconds. Her use of black magic is a powerful weapon and a protective mechanism against the bodies of men. So, if I feel unsafe, I will tend to make myself look small, unimportant, but also overly nice and busy. It will come naturally, especially if I'm with my son. If I feel offended, or provoked by a conversation I am having with a friend, I will attempt to understand their mentality and either mirror it or perhaps slightly calculate how I can slip into her psyche and reorganize her brain. This is a very cool one.

Emotionally manipulating women can be either really tough or really easy. Women tend to be overly emotional, so it's important to have just the most neutrality possible and insert so much nuance that she's really confused about her views of morality. This mainly applies to morally relative people. You kind of nonchalantly slip in a view, suppose you're against abortion.

"It's not that I'm against women having abortions, I just find that it's really unfair to end the life of a person before it's really started. If I would be that fetus and I could be conscious, I wouldn't want to die. I would be abhorred to know that my mother didn't love me and had someone murder me in the womb, a place of safety and security. How... how is that not infanticide?"

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Don't Berate Us: On Sex Segregation

Recently, I've been patronized by men for having an opinion. It seems I 'never have it right' or 'don't represent something very well' and am put down enormously. I get it, you're Alt-Right, I get it you're all about asserting yourself, but I've been finding that there are a lot of men who uplift themselves solely on the basis that they are calling women inferior. Much of the MGTOW movement is become a dangerous cult of misogyny, a 'masculinism' movement much like feminism. While I had apologized for the 'misogyny' of the Alt-Right earlier in my blog, claiming that thinking the sexes were different was not misogyny, I realized that where we differ with SJW's is also where we are similar. The sexes are equal, and we live in a patriarchy. We both agree that the world is male dominated, but while SJW's desire a matriarchy or a completely egalitarian society (will never happen, matriarchy either, clearly) the Alt-Right desires the patriarchy and sees its benefits and strength. It is the only system, and an anarchic patriarchy like Christianity seems solid and fertile for development. But much like in the Bible, it claims a man should love his wife more than himself, men should love women, because women are the fairer and weaker sex. Loving means treating her well.

Do not patronize a woman who is attempting to learn something in your political movement. Do not claim that she cannot learn, that she is incapable of being what you are. You're not helping and it means that you are unable to sustain your own masculinity without putting down the humanity of someone else.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Virtue-Signalling at its Finest: The Firebombing

"A thirst for civility and democracy!" says (((Weinberger))) as he raises 13k to fix the firebombed GOP office in a great effort to damage-control and virtue signal.

Thanks, democrats, but none of this would have happened if you wouldn't have made Republicans seem like demons and rapists and white supremacists (although for that last one...) This is virtue-signalling at its most finest, the apex of SJWism, the mind cult and psy-op of the mid-2010's.

If you ask me, everything was a set up. They had people go in and burn it and then they tested the virtue-signalling system to see who was going to give them the money and feel good inside their little hearts for doing so. Or hey, maybe I'm a sociopath and I can't see the 'good' part to this. Thanks democrats for cleaning up your own mess? Disgusting.

Also, look at how popular Trump's response is. People know what's up.

The Riverfront Times Smears Alt-Right Journalist

Daniel Hill, writer in the Riverfront Times in St. Louis has written a smear piece on a lovely and brilliant YouTuber known as Blonde in the Belly of the Beast. She was called a racist moron among other meaningless things and then this Daniel Hill went off and doxxed her brother and father. The SJW's are fighting back, clearly they will, because they simply refuse to see the truth. Since then, Daniel Hill has taken down his Twitter and other means of social communication for fear that he has dealt with the wrong people.

Being doxxed is a criminal offense and Daniel Hill is now a criminal. He is like all SJW, a degenerate narcissist who brings others down in order to virtue-signal. But all this has done is make him into a target for his entire life. People can say what they wish about Blonde, if they watch her videos they will see that she is not racist, but reporting on race, being truthful about situations that are ugly, such as gang violence in the black community. St. Louis is one of the worst for black crime and she has firsthand knowledge of it.

I don't need to defend her. She can stand up for herself, but she's suffered a hit that should not have been and Daniel Hill will not be taken to justice for his cruelty.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Teaser Clip by 'On the Offensive' about Devisive Left

I cannot wait for more of this. I've been really thinking about Hillary's campaign and how it might be (((influenced))) but I know it's just me who hasn't been studying as hard as I should. This clip, however, actually made me feel utterly terrified and animated.

White people need to stay together, help each other, and love each other. It is now more than ever that white men need to pull together and receive the help white women want to give. It's now more than ever that white women need to step away from the (((program))) and start loving her whiteness, start embracing the milk-drinker culture she was born in and she is destined to fulfill.

I'm staying optimistic. We will prevail, as we always have.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

On the Spiritually-Minded Left

The left is often devoid of spirituality. They have the Wiccans and the Neopaganists and the pseudoscientific and the hypocritical protestants and Catholics, but their spirit comes through in the way they view people.

Neoreactionaries often use archetypes and stereotypes in order to talk about race and sex. It's a flaw we're all aware of, but it is also the acknowledgement that those archetypes and stereotypes are real. It is true that black children without a steady family life and a father to discipline them, may become violence and out-of-control more so than a white child of that same circumstance. Black neighbourhoods are not devoid of anything safe and nice because of 'institutionalized racism' or 'systems of oppression' they are as such because blacks men have been proven to have more testosterone and "war is to man what motherhood is to women" seems to be deeply rooted in the minds of the black male.

But I digress. There are other numerous instances where the left uses spirituality in order to make their arguments. The one, about men and women. Feminists and SJW's believe that men and women are the same. They have the same brain, the same wants and desires, the same emotional responses, responsibilities and truths, life goals, etc etc etc. The reality is that men and women are vastly different. What all human should acknowledge, however, is that despite the differences between men and women, they should both be treated with respect and dignity. They should not suffer from any form of poor treatment because of their sex. (I have apologized for misogyny and have heard numerous examples that defend misogyny has a a natural occurent in society today due to the high level of violence boys and girls face from frustrated mothers in a society that hates motherhood and mothers, but also because of women being straight-up insane. Feminists may have misandric feelings, the important thing here is to be self-aware). But in trying to make men and women equal in every respect, we are saying that women and men SHOULD react the same way for every situation. But they won't. A woman who will be cheated on will be infuriated at the cheater and the one he cheated on her with. A man who will be cheated on will often be far more self-critical and think it was his fault. This can be really damaging for any relationships he will have in the future and of his view of women. Women in a bad relationship or many with men, can become a lesbian, easily. A man will not become gay if he has bad relationships with women.The point is that men and woman are extremely different from each other, our responses are different, our strengths are in different places and to expect a young man not to get an erection when a beautiful girl is teasing the hell out of him is nonsensical. The spirit of the human is stronger than the sex of that person, to the left. It is, they're right, but it takes a large amount of control and it is a life-long process. We still, however, remain our XX and XY's until the end of our days. Sex IS gender.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Beta Male Brainwashes Children into SJWism

I was quite horrified recently when I found that in my province there was an event being planned called 'Philosophy for Children'. The man who organizes it, if I am able to call him a man without giggling, has a bit more meat on his body than a skeleton and seems to be into circus and artsy things. I will not name the group that he is organizing this event with, but here is the text.