Monday, 19 December 2016

'Skeptic' Arrogance and their Demise

We're all skeptical, that's normal, but at one point in our lives, we can't just be on the fence. Being on the fence means you have no actual point of reference for you phenomenology and often leads to a lack of spiritual depth in a person's life. I find that sad and I also find arrogant. I used to be subbed to this Facebook page called 'Skeptics Guide to the Universe' and at one point, they stopped calling out pseudoscience and got on the politics train and to their great demise. They hated Trump and vouched for Clinton. This was not only because Trump is a 'climate change denier', but simply because emotions and the belief in mainstream media. It's pretty interesting to see that many people who claim to be skeptics are not skeptical at all finally, but gobble up information as readily as a person who doesn't have the skeptic label.

A few days ago, they posted the conspiracy of #pizzagate. I remain skeptical that it might be true, and personally lean more on the 60% than the 40% true, but many were looking at this one horribly biased article and saying: yeah, the facts ain't right, it's bullshit. I told them there was much more evidence and this was just one slice of it and they were like: well, pull it up for us then, but I was like it's not my job to inform you, I'm just calling you all out as sheep, and they took it personally.

Are you a skeptic or are you not a skeptic? To me, skepticism can either be your blessing or an utter curse. Skepticism can be open-minded or close-minded. Skepticism can be prideful or humble. A prideful skeptic will reject all that is 'faithy' or 'wonky' or conspiratorial because there just isn't enough empirical evidence for them. But they don't understand that the world that we sense can extend past our senses. As well, liberals, which most close-minded skeptics are, tend to be rebellious in the face of pure truth. They don't care about God, or about a perfect divine state or being something close to that. They care mostly for hard facts and they think everyone's born good and society is the more corrupting thing, not evil! People are irrational but not evil, kind of mentality. I think it is a strength to be able to entertain thoughts and ideologies but to be able to return to a solid ground. Right now, I'm interested in reaction and neoreaction, but I'm fundamentally a Christian. I do think there was a man who came to this existence who was just perfect. He was wholly good, and he loved unconditionally and lived his life in a way that was inhumanly divine. Was he God? Was he the Son of God? I remain skeptical, but I have the utmost adoration for his words because his phenomenon in this world was just amazing. People flocked to him in huge numbers and I do think he was real. Why not? Well, because he walked on water, and because he did miracles, then negative-skeptics will say 'no, he's not real' 'he's a myth to control people' etc.

Skeptics can be one of the most arrogant people out there, negative-skeptics that is. Positive skeptics who entertain ideas but come back to a core (if you think you're a god, then you're a Chaos Magician, if you believe in God your identity is in Christ and you are His follower) are more open-minded about the intricacies of power and good and evil. Pizzagate is not crazy, it sounds like it's pretty damn legit, but the arrogant skeptics will wave it off as 'fake news' and be done with it. They are turning their eyes to something that might not be true right away--which is prideful, not skeptical.

Power corrupts, very very easily, and you can't expect people with money and power not to do whatever they wish to. My esoteric Christian friend believes that child sacrifice among other gruesome practices is like doing a line of coke for the 0.0001%. It's that rush you need in order to feel powerful, like you're a GOD yourself (hence why I dislike the arrogance of Chaos Magicians). I think keeping an open-mind but a firm ground is more important that having no firm ground and half-open mind.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Mentally Disturbed 'Transwoman Child' Man Plans for Gay High School

Some of you might remember this man (renamed Stefonknee Wolscht) from a viral YouTube video about how he was special snowflake and needed to be listened to. He is a 53/54 year-old man who identifies as a child, basically, like a little girl. He has been adopted by the two people you see in the picture and he has let his now grown-up children in the process.

You'd think, that was the end of that, but no, he returned for an awful video about transgender-inclusive bathrooms where he ended up feeling excluded from the men and the women's (even though he's both, I guess?) and other 6-year-old shenanigans.

And now, he's in the laylight again. All you need these days to be platformed is queer behaviour and an unsteady mind! So, he is now proposing that Toronto create a high school for LGBTQ+ students only. Wow, so, when the Muslims will come, they'll know exactly where to bomb and they'll be dancing in the streets with glory for Allah!

Kids can experiment, they can try to make-out with the same sex and have fun, I think, but then they need to grow up and no longer be children. We tell queer kids to grow up, to stop fetishizing sex and just move on with their lives in order to make them understand that heterosexuality is normal and that being gay, is not.

This is just absolutely ridiculous, and I needed to report on it because I can barely comprehend the level of retarded this is. I have no more words. I'm done.