Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Muslims in! Marxists out! --A Defense of Islam in Canada

All right, so we all don't want Islam to propagate in the West. However, there are good points to the rise of a more traditional, patriarchal and conservative way of life. Perhaps, if Canada takes in the Syrian refugees, perhaps there will be pressure to be more conservative and we might be able to make the secularists understand that they are locked into a Marxist ideology and that their values are more Christians than Jewish.

Marxist are worse than the average Muslim. They are. They really are. Average muslims are not bombing each other to pieces and committing jihad, they're just people but also Muslim. If we take many normal non-radical Muslim families, no single males, single women yes, and children yes, they might be good, honourable, hard-working citizens and might drown out the voices of the shrill liberals. They might take a stand in front of one of them, they might agree with our policies. We might be able to have a healthy conservative government because they're sure as hell are NOT going to vote for trans rights and all that nonsense. Unfortunately, Canada already has the unholy rights of same-sex marriage under the state and 'trans' people are now a protected class, much like women I should add. Marxism is bringing anti-white rhetoric, anti-male sentiments and anti-nationalistic garbage that anyone with a head on their shoulders can see in completely insane and illogical. Muslims see it too. They see us as cucked, stupid, whorish, degenerate. Perhaps, with this budding conservatism and rise of uneasiness toward perversions and degeneracy, we can change our ways for the better.

Canada is multi-ethnic, and it doesn't seem to be too problematic right now. I think it's because everyone's treading on eggshells, and there isn't too much of a victim cult going on with anyone, apart from white people. What will Muslims bring? Hopefully they will bring common sense, God, and traditional family values that are solely lacking. Diversity is not strength, we know this, but the similarity that Islam and Christianity has may homogenize and end up oppressing the Marxists, which would be a breath of fresh air. I think second generation Canadian Muslims, the children of those arriving and those who will grow up here will not radicalize, especially if the liberals stop acting like sluts and we might see the women remove their hijabs and the men's authority calm a bit. Still, I like Muslims values, as an NRx I'm basically a white version of a Muslim. I just don't want them imposing their values on the Christian system, but since the system is often secular... there might be a vacuum available to slip in some Sharia bullshit. We cannot let this happen.

I heard Muslims have been desiring to send their children to Catholic schools, which makes sense and it would be honestly nice to see some of those schools return to life! 

Two cents spent. Have a great day, guys!

Monday, 23 January 2017

Morality Concerning Unborn Children

"Their simple, narrow-minded rejection of all attempts to better working conditions, to introduce safety devices on machines, to prohibit child labor and protect the woman, at least in the months when she was bearing the future national comrade under her heart, contributed to drive the masses into the net of Social Democracy which gratefully snatched at every case of such a disgraceful attitude." --The Fuhrer "Mein Kampf" 

A 'woman's right to choose' concerns her body and the fetus that grows in her body, or embryo. Whatever term you use to call it, it remains an unborn child, a human being in early stages of development. The dehumanization of embryos in the womb is (to me) absolutely disgusting. Women who speak of Planned Parenthood, of abortion, of terminating the life of a human being and who reduce it to 'packages of cells' 'non-sentient' even 'non-viable' echo a concept not only of social engineering (I know Hitler was for abortion as well, but in a self aware concept of social engineering) but also of moral superiority. A life that is fully-formed and viable should be allowed to have rights and to be born, but before then, it's not life, it's not a person, and can be terminated for the sake of a 'choice'. 

I've spoken about abortion, and I've thought about it a lot and in the end, my Alt-Right side does win out but remains Christianized as well. Abortion is murder every single time. But, it is also immoral to bring a sub-human into the world. Down's Syndrome babies should be aborted for numerous reasons that are obvious, but they should not be dehumanized. They are sacrificed on the altar of greatness, of human and societal progress and cohesive strength. This sacrifice is what makes abortion a good thing for those who seek greatness in a society, who want to advance technology and perhaps colonize Mars, who want to abolish barbaric foes from the East from existence and perpetuate a legacy of pale hominids to lead an ethnonationalist race into a morally, spiritually and artistically superior utopia. 

They try to make everything sound easy and detached. Abortions themselves happen with analgesics and they even drug the woman to the point where she doesn't remember it happening. Imagine if she was awake the entire time and conscious? Imagine if they described everything that happened when they were doing it and that they would show her the cut-up fetus? I don't think many women would want abortions after that. It's part of this whole 'no shame' game. Women shouldn't be shamed for being pregnant, after all, it's their choice whether they want to be mothers or not. This idea of a woman's choice is giving a moral authority to women, all of women over the life of another human being. This kind of power is totally out of their reach.  

I finish writing this post with the #WomensMarch in mind that has happened a few days ago. It is so ironic that these mostly liberal women were out marching for pro-choice, when in reality, they are committing the murder of baby girls, of potential women, often ruthlessly. I know abortions are sometimes necessary, but the disgusting 'reasoning' liberals have in order to say that women shouldn't feel guilty about killing a potential human being are often hypocritical and shows ableist favouritism

They go as such:

1. The embryo/fetus is not 'human' or 'conscious' yet, therefore we can end its 'not really life' because the life of a full-blown woman is more important. 

In this, the dehumanization and objectification of the fetus is normalized, unlike how feminists desire to be treated by men. So why are feminists using this sort of justification on unborn children? Because they hate children and see children as burdens, much like Buddha did

2.   Body autonomy! It's my body, no one can force me to have this child! 

(Except that it takes a professional and some money to cut out the unborn child from your uterus in the most unnatural way ever.)

3. It's actually selfish to put an unwanted child into the world. 

'Unwanted' pregnancies, unwanted children, unwanted before they have the chance to be born, to be seen by their ungrateful mothers. There is something very disturbed about women who do not desire to be pregnant but go ahead and have unprotected sex

"If you're smart enough to put on a condom, you're smart enough not to." --Richard Spencer 

Are there legitimate reasons to have an abortion? Yes. This is why abortion needs to be legal and performed in certain cases. I do not advocate for abortions at all, like I said, I think it is gross, immoral and spiritually/emotionally/psychologically damaging. All of these, however, can be argued to be poor reasons, I guess you could say my NRx/Alt-Right side has a desire for slight Eugenics despite everything.

1. The baby is very unhealthy or has a serious condition, like Down's Syndrome. 
2. The baby is killing the mother. (Eclampsia)
3. It is a rape child. (Although stats say rape children are 100% loved, and many women who have had their rape children feel better about the rape, for love and tenderness came from it)
4. The baby will be mixed-race. (For reasons of preserving social cohesion, if you live in a 97% white place, your child might be out of place, and that's unfortunate for them.)  
 Having a child is beautiful, highly rewarding and gives you motivation to be the best that you can be. It is part of human nature and part of being an adult. It gives you responsibility to your spouse and to others than yourself, focusing your energy outward instead of inward. Abortions are unnatural, they divide people, they force immorality on those who perform and receive them. Please reconsider your abortion, because that embryo within you is your child, and they are beautiful!

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Black Man, White Woman, Brown Children

After seeing study after study about black men and white women, I've come up with my own theories, which are clearly already out there, but I wanted to pitch in because I like to think that I'm more radical than the radicals I hang out with online.

Black men will leave white spouses, that is statistically inevitable. Those who do are an extremely rare case. The reason: it's perfectly normal for them to do so. Why should a black man stay in a in-group that is not theirs? Their wife's family is not black and even his own children might end up a lot lighter than him, alienating them from him.

Black men cheat on their white spouses at record levels, often desiring to impregnate a black woman, seeing the white woman as a prize, conquered by his entire race, for having been the womb for his children. The children are not a prize, they are her punishment and burden, as a scar that she has betrayed her race for his.

It's almost as if God made black men's genitalia attractive to white women in order to test them, I swear.

I don't dislike black people, I don't think they're a real threat, especially not black men. I think black women right now might be a super duper oppressive Olympics winner and they're getting lots of attention and traction, but it won't last. Hollywood and the rest of them will push for a while, but it'll die down. The serious issue is white women thinking black men are an upgrade from white men. They are not, clearly not.

I see black men's ownership of a white woman revenge for slavery. He keeps her as his slave, owns her, (beats her), uses her body, her womb, burdens her with his children, and then leaves her, apathetic to her existence and life. If I was the mother of a black man's children, I would dump them on his doorstep or on his mother's doorstep and leave and find a white man. Race is far more important than the feelings of abandonment toward children who will cause you to be an outcast in your own country for the rest of your life, and this is the most feminist I'll ever get. Oh, and if she hasn't had the child, abort it, it's going to be an outcast and identity-less, apart with other mixed people.

Whites don't have to go full out black in order to marry outside of their tribe. I think we can all agree that all whites across the board can marry and mix and the outcome will be probably nice and the children will be accepted in white community.  I would recommend not breeding out blue eyes and blonde hair though, red hair and green eyes as well. So eugenics...

Farewell, milk drinkers! Happy breeding!