Thursday, 19 January 2017

Black Man, White Woman, Brown Children

After seeing study after study about black men and white women, I've come up with my own theories, which are clearly already out there, but I wanted to pitch in because I like to think that I'm more radical than the radicals I hang out with online.

Black men will leave white spouses, that is statistically inevitable. Those who do are an extremely rare case. The reason: it's perfectly normal for them to do so. Why should a black man stay in a in-group that is not theirs? Their wife's family is not black and even his own children might end up a lot lighter than him, alienating them from him.

Black men cheat on their white spouses at record levels, often desiring to impregnate a black woman, seeing the white woman as a prize, conquered by his entire race, for having been the womb for his children. The children are not a prize, they are her punishment and burden, as a scar that she has betrayed her race for his.

It's almost as if God made black men's genitalia attractive to white women in order to test them, I swear.

I don't dislike black people, I don't think they're a real threat, especially not black men. I think black women right now might be a super duper oppressive Olympics winner and they're getting lots of attention and traction, but it won't last. Hollywood and the rest of them will push for a while, but it'll die down. The serious issue is white women thinking black men are an upgrade from white men. They are not, clearly not.

I see black men's ownership of a white woman revenge for slavery. He keeps her as his slave, owns her, (beats her), uses her body, her womb, burdens her with his children, and then leaves her, apathetic to her existence and life. If I was the mother of a black man's children, I would dump them on his doorstep or on his mother's doorstep and leave and find a white man. Race is far more important than the feelings of abandonment toward children who will cause you to be an outcast in your own country for the rest of your life, and this is the most feminist I'll ever get. Oh, and if she hasn't had the child, abort it, it's going to be an outcast and identity-less, apart with other mixed people.

Whites don't have to go full out black in order to marry outside of their tribe. I think we can all agree that all whites across the board can marry and mix and the outcome will be probably nice and the children will be accepted in white community.  I would recommend not breeding out blue eyes and blonde hair though, red hair and green eyes as well. So eugenics...

Farewell, milk drinkers! Happy breeding!

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