Tuesday, 25 April 2017

My Jewish Learning, Reading Between the Lines


I landed on this hilarious website made for goyim wanting to know more about the Jews. I started reading what I believe is an absolutely fake article about a rabbi (woman) who is moving into an apartment next to an underclass skinhead (who, despite having been to jail and has Swastikas all over his body is portrayed as kind, loving, compassionate, easy-going, quick to listen, in a long-term relationship with his white girlfriend and good with animals). Of course the article is written with the Trump election in mind and of the culture war. The Jewess in the article says these cliché things for the goyim public reading the article.

"I believe deeply in understanding and being in relationship with people who are different from you." (Jews don't want to have 'relationships' with goyim, they want goyim to listen.)

"The divisions between us threaten the essence of our humanity." (The Jews are attempting to define this for people who are not their own--they are trying to convince us and know they are failing and therefore commit upon us genocide through degeneracy and demographic replacement)

Then she goes on to talk about how the skinhead's girlfriend wants to go to church and so he goes to the Jewess for help with his necktie. The article reads like short fiction.

"I assured him I did and as I stood on my front porch tying the necktie of a man covered in emblems that have meant murder, torture, and evil for millions of my own people, I could see Carl just as a man, gentle and sweet, trying to do right in this world for himself and the people around him."

 All in all, this 'my white supremacist neighbour' article is another classic case of fake news. The story is supposed to be a 'bridge between worlds' kind of 'tolerance' version from the Jew's glorious perspective. Forget reality, goyim, because this anecdote is hitting you right in the feels and that's all you need to rely on to get by in life: feels, tolerance, and the realization that as an Aryan you are nothing but a racist oppressor. In the end, he wasn't a white supremacist (he was a false creation), he had gone to jail and had to be in a gang to survive. He wasn't even anti-Semitic; he was a normal, white, underclass gentleman with rotting teeth and a girlfriend who 'wants to go to church'.

The last paragraph about the murder, torture and evil symbols was the cherry on the sundae for me (the Jewess randomly pops in that she has a one-year-old in order to gain extra emotion points). The words evoked, the emotions that emerge from that imagery are what they are: conditioning the goyim reading the article with their own sense of empathy. This is how neo-Marxist act because they have been taught to act this way, to betray their nations, their brethren and to become degenerate and immoral.

The skinhead never said his side of the story in this, well, there was none, because he wasn't real. But hell, imagine if he started talking about the atrocities the Jews did to his people in Russia, how they were very close to installing communism in Germany. Skinheads are drones, like SJW's are the drones of the Semites: blathering retards who know nothing but obsessive rhetoric and righteous indignation.

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Lust and Gluttony in Food Advertising

Companies have always attempted to lure the consumer with temptation. When it comes to buying lingerie, they tempt them with lustful images and ideas. When it comes to food, they often give us an illusion of health when selling us unhealthy trash. The new trend I've come to realize is becoming more aggressive in this hypersexualized, deviant age is the merging of lust and gluttony in food advertisement. Lust and Glut have always been partners in crime and are often seen together in the occult or even pop culture. (See Gluttony and Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist below)

Lust consumes the consumer, hence makes the human lose track of himself and give in to bodily pleasure which comes with a reduction of disgust. Gluttony is the consumption of sin directly through food itself. St. Thomas Aquinas (dubbed 'My Grandpa' when I was doing by BAC in Theology :3) goes detail about sub-forms of Gluttony, which I find highly interesting. They are:
  • Laute - eating food that is too luxurious, exotic, or costly
  • Studiose - eating food that is excessive in quality (too daintily or elaborately prepared)
  • Nimis - eating food that is excessive in quantity (too much)
  • Praepropere - eating hastily (too soon or at an inappropriate time)
  • Ardenter - eating greedily (too eagerly) 
Laute is sinful because you could be using that money you're wasting on food, Studiose is like going to one of those fancy restaurants that make you a 40$ plate with four tiny items in the center of it. Nimis is full out stuffing your face at the buffet. Praepropere in our society would be to eat all the time since food is so available and Ardenter would be the fat-acceptance movement, or, all people who love food and who seek pleasure in food.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Our Culture Is Not Privileged, Our Race Is

This one is for the normies out there who have never heard of the co-opting of white culture by the Jews. I'm not going to explain everything but this person is a Jew, and she is pretending to be European (or white) in order to push an agenda of ethnomasochism and cultural suicide. This merri little busch was indeed accidentally born in a country she does not belong in. Her ancestors have parasited Europe for hundreds of years and have not worked a day in their lives to help sustain those countries. Her ancestors come from a line of viruses who manipulated money and impoverished people for their own gain. They have some good points too, but this isn't one of them.

Merri believes she lives in a country where everyone's needs are met and everyone is happy and healthy. She's absolutely wrong. The West, although it has human rights and white people (who are racially kind and tolerant compared to all other races) and mass excess, it is also the largest world polluter, it has intense social degeneracy, thousands of cults, a whole industry of 'celebrity' idolatry, mass obesity, mass promiscuity, the hatred of wholesomeness, family and children. We live in a world where child sacrifice is becoming normalized, where women whined constantly for entitlements and privilege they do not deserve and men are becoming rapist scavengers due to the lack of female availability and long-term relationships. Yes, white men are becoming rapists and it is inevitable.

With that in mind, I hope you'll reconsider the reasoning being National Socialism, a type regime that had been predicted by Nietzsche, alongside communism. Whites and Jews have been trying to spread their personal brand of knowledge to the rest of the world for a while now. Whites tried to colonize and help out other countries (post-colonialism makes them look terrible despite their great efforts and improvements of those countries) and Jews tried to change things from blending in, race-mixing and establishing their brotherhoods and covenants covertly. Whites are not what Jews are: cowards. Jews know that their doings are Satanic, that they desire the fall of a civilization and when it is chaotic enough, they will take control through communism, the enslavement of the majority for the minority, a complete opposite strategy than the National Socialists, which benefited the majority at the expense of the minority. It was a radical exclusion and it did end up in the death of many people, but they were not exterminated in camps: they simply ran out of food and starved. This happened because there were no provisions for their own citizens, why should they send provisions for the prisoners of war? Communism and the Second World War costs Russia millions on millions of lives because of starvation. They cannibalized themselves to survive one more day in Russia! Same thing happened in Germany/Austria/Poland. It was a war, and resources were running out.

Now, I personally believe that everyone should stop ruling the world. The future is nationalistic, and ethno-nationalistic, it must be for the survival of everyone. Jews must go home to their Israel (although even that isn't their real home!) and whites need to have their countries back from the Muslims (and the Jews ruling our media, etc). We need to return to a more basic way of life, to farming ourselves, working harder, traditional gender roles, and not going to the Dominican Republic for vacations! Such a sad thing to see white people in those resorts...